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Monday, October 24, 2011

Training at CIKS organic Farm, Chukkankollai

CTMR organized a one day training programme for the Field staff of the Centre for Indian Knowledge Systems, a well known Voluntary organization working with farmers on preserving native varieties of Paddy, Other Grains, Vegetables and also promoting research in Organic farming. The Small Group of Staff from Sirkazhi, Cukkan kollai, Chengalpattu and Chendurai in Dindigul took part.

The Session started with a presentation on locally available biological resource particularly medicinal plants and its utility by Vd.S.Usman Ali- Director CTMR. He explained the use of 35 species of medicinal plants which are common throughout Tamilnadu and have great value. As he explained the trainees felt, that they have missed out on using these plants for such a wide spectrum of conditions. Dr.S.Rajkumar explained the need to follow the daily regimen and seasonal regimen mentioned in Indian Traditional Health Sciences and said most of the suggestions are simple to practice. He further elaborated on the most common ailments that afflicts rural households and suggested simple remedies that could be prepared at home if the common plants suggested by Vd.S.Usman Ali were grown as Home herbal gardens.

This session was followed by a field visit to the plots in which 100 varieties of Paddy or Grown and Mr.K.Subramanian and Mr.Pandeeswaran of CIKS explained the key features of each of them. It was an awesome experience. After a delicious lunch with organically grown ingredients- Grains, vegetables, spices the afternoon session was on Managing Lifestyle disorders the traditional way- primarily Siddha approach and how the Volunteers should take it forward to the Farming community. Dr.T.Thirunarayanan, the speaker suggested that to promote these lifestyle interventions one need not be a physician.

Mrs. Sundaravalli listed out recipes that could help overcome diseases like allergy, Anemia,Asthma, Osteoarthritis, Obesity, renal stones etc.

Then there was an very interesting interactive session and a list of Medicinal plants for Home Herbal Garden was drawn along with a list of Plants that would be collected from the neighbourhood. Mr.Pandeeswaran assured to develop nursery of the 18 Species suggested to be distributed to farmers and Mr. K.Subramanian suggested taking this forward to the Community in Jawadhu hills and Natham region.

Ms.Parimala did a good facilitation for the training programme.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Invitation for 'Awarding of Certificates to Traditional Health Practitioners

The Event Starts at 9.30.A.M
Request confirmation of Participation to 04422600440/22533399

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Lecture on Suvadigal at CTMR

Vijayadasami- The last day of dauserra is considered an auspicious day for commencing new learning and day of showing respects to Guru. CTMR has been celebrating this day every year as a get to gather of all well wishers of CTMR activities  and for planning new activity for the following year. Every year an lecture/workshop is organized on some topics of importance to Traditional Medicine. This year lecture is on Siddha Palm manuscripts by  Pandit. Tanjavur N. Srinivasan, an expert in palm manuscripts and Harikatha  at 3.PM on 6th Oct, 2011 at the Library Hall of CTMR 24, Anna Nagar Main Road, Puzhuthiwakkam, Chennai- 91. Pandit N.Srinivasan has  rich experience in U.Ve. Saa library and Sarawati Mahal Library of  Tanjavur and he has also contributed for creation of  catalogue of Palm manuscripts in Siddha Central Research Institute and other Mutt libraries and Private Collections.

CTMR Invites all for the event. Please confirm participation by mail to or call/sms to Dr.T.Thirunarayanan 9444018158